Personal water recycling system “RAINBOX” is a water system of the future that can continuously reuse water by attaching it to various water uses. The system purifies almost all the used water to clean water, on-site. Versions for shower, sink, dishwasher, and laundry will be deployed sequentially, aiming to take all household water use off-gird.


RAINBOX also works as a data collection device for water use and water treatment. RAINBOX will grow smarter over time. It leads to further optimization of filter utilization, improvement of maintenance performance, development of new materials etc. and will realize a safe and inexpensive water treatment fit for each household.


RAINBOX SHOWER is a water recycling shower system that is equipped with a RAINBOX. Among the RAINBOX-equipped products, shower is the first product we are developing. You can shower about 100 times with 40liters of water. Even with shampoo and soap, RAINBOX can continuously recycle it to clean water. Since plumbing work is unnecessary, a comfortable shower can be set up in minutes.